Voluntary Work

      Various literacy activities are organised for the students in the session. For supplementing the teaching of B.Ed. Syllabus in classroom and to widen the knowledge of the student as a good teacher, so trainee teachers are involved in number of literacy activities. Objectives

* To bring about the personality development every student which is the need of time.

* Literacy activities offers the trainee teacher an opportunity for specialization which he does not have in classroom.

* Through the participant student can express his ideas and thoughts.

* Provide freedom to student pursue his interest in literacy activity.

* Provide opportunity to student to develop his explorative, creative and inventive faculties.

Following activities are taken in college :- * Debate.

* Celebration of day.

* Symposia.

* Essay competition.

* Quiz contest.

* Election etc.

Our work:
Inter college Debate competion was organized on 30th January 2005 by implementing the above activities successfully in our college we contribute in providing skilled teachers to our nation.
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