Value Oriented Activity

      Formatting of characters through education has its important place in Indian education system right from Vedic period. Till at the end of sixteen century the place of character formation through education was unquestionable. In the education commission 1882 only the moral education was recommended.
Values Activated

1. Dignity of labour. 2. Devotion to nation. 3. Male female equality. 4. Tolerance about other religions. 5. National integration. 6. Scientific out look. 7. Sensitivity. 8. Courtesy. 9. Punctuality. 10. Tidiness and neatness.

Program organized by college
1) Value education period in daily assembly of college.

2) Value education period after daily assembly in school during practice teaching.

3) Traditional programmes like ‘Til Sanskrant’, ‘Ramzan Idd’, ‘Christmas Celebration’ were celebrated in our college.

4)Values given by great leaders were remembered by celebrating their Birth and death anniversaries as Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand, R. Tagore, Saneguruji. etc.

5)Value based teaching and value based lesson planning.

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