Adult Education

     A very important task in our country is to conduct extensive illiteracy drive amongst the masses of workers and peasants in collaboration with the students. It should also be remembered that the masses of illiterates in our country are the most exploited section in society and the anti illiteracy movement, properly conducted, has a deep democratic significance.
Gandhiji’s sincere and confident endeavors with “each one teach one” as both the slogan and approach to the problem of mass - illiteracy.
Adult education in general aims at developing 3 Rs. i.e. reading, writing and Arithmetic skills in illiterate adults. It should be understand, that in developing country like our, with its colonial past and vast backlog of illiteracy, teachers representing very important section of intelligentsia have a special role to play in this important activity.

Literate 3 to 5 adults as labour Green groceries, milkman, etc.

*Prepare case study of any illiterate adult.

*Adult education awareness through Road show, songs, stage show, posters, procession, Banners, slogan etc.

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