Parent Teacher Scheme

      Environmental issues are in the forefront of millennium. The (WHO) World Health Organization showed its concern in 1957 by attracting attention of world community to the hazards of pollution. The world commission on environment and Development (1987) made a request to (NGO’s), Educational institution, Scientific and academic community to educate people by creating mass awareness on all environmental issues. The significance of protection, preservation and conservation of environment need to be inculcated at all the levels in Educational process. These concern not only the environmentalist but the teachers and teacher trainee as well. Our college also contribute by organizing programmers on environmental awareness.
Programs Conducted

Charts on environmental pollution and awareness.

* Models on environmental pollution and awareness.

* Salient procession in environmental awareness.

* Tree plantation in schools where internship of student was taken.

* School surrounding cleaned and students were taught about hygiene and environmental awareness during internship practice teaching.

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