Annual magazine Gulshan is published in our college. This magazine aims at providing the platform for the students to communicate their views. Editing committee is appointed for drawing out the magazine. Committee includes 4 lectures and 8 students representative. These 4 lecturers guide and censor the article to be published. This magazine includes material in 4 different languages, English, Hindi, Marathi and Urdu. Specific lecturers are responsible for the editing material in that specific language. This magazine cover number of contemporary areas in Education field such as primary education, Secondary education, higher education, quality and responsibility of teacher, great leader, social problem, Global awareness, environmental problem and awareness,about educationalist etc

Objectives :-

* Develop the literature view.
* To get the platform for emerging writer.
* To develop ability in student to write their won thought in systematic way.
* To develop appreciation skill.
* To develop creative eye power.
* To develop the social attachment, national integration, modernization aspect in student through magazine.
* To develop comedy view and so on.

We published two annual magazine in session 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 as Gulshan 2005 and Gulshan 2006 respectively. Every student is enforced and motivated to write for the magazine.
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