Aims and Objectives

1. The society runs for the benefit of minority Muslim Community.

2. To establish Arabi Madarasa, English Convents, School, High School, Jr. and Sr. College of Arts, Commerce, Science, Medical, Agricultural, D. Ed., B. Ed., I. T. I., Computer Training Center, Technical Institutes.

3. It would organise games and sports. Competition among youth to encourage them for unity co-operation and fellow and culture exchanges. and to organise programmes on National unity, liberty, equity.

4. To establish school and colleges for blind, dumb and deaf boys and girls. And also give them commercial education.

5. To develop Human development and work on Women development scheme, Baby Seater Sanskar Center, Personality Development Camps and Center, Hostels, Children’s welfare scheme and other activities of State and Central Govt. may be notified in the official gazette as per their Schedule.

6. To encourage women education by establishing special institutions like hostels and such other institutions, to befitted that object.

7. To arrange seminars, debates, speeches, dramas, .camps of latest subjects and also arrange programmes on It.

8. To do work on Water level programme Sponsored by D.R.D.A and other social cultural health and development of nation programme for people sponsored by state and central Government.

9. To establish Vrudhashram, Anathashram Mahi1ashram and Hostels.

10. To give scholarship and free education to poor and talented students.

11. To do work and educational training on rural development scheme, rural Health Care Scheme, Khadi Gramoddyog Handmade art, Tailoring, Stich work, Rural Industries.

12. To establish and to open charitable hospital for public health protection. :

13. To do work on blood donation, family planning and eye donation camp and other national functions.

14. To help on occasion of earthquake and incidence of natural accident, damage to people properties.

15. To do work on pollution and plantation.
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